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SentinelllJeudi 28 Juin 2018, 08:11 AM
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#4271, "Markets now: Nothing?"


7:54 a.m. Nothing. That's how the market has decided to follow up yesterday's big reversal. With absolutely nothing. S&P 500 futures, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures, and Nasdaq Composite futures are all little changed this morning. And that's understandable. Trade uncertainty continues to weigh. Earnings season will be starting soon. And the first half of the year ends tomorrow. In an uncertain world, why do anything crazy

And besides, end of quarter moves aren't to be taken too seriously anyway, says DataTrek's Nicholas Colas. That's because the action is dominated by portfolio managers cleaning up their portfolios before having to report their holdings, meaning the moves are less about fundamentals and more about window dressing. "Be very careful about extrapolating moves that happen at the end of a quarter," he advises

Bon trading!



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Top Les forums financiers, Trading US discussions #4271 Précédent discussions | Suivant discussions
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